Hurras is a Syrian-based human rights organisation. It works in cooperation with partners and volunteers to deliver psychological, social and educational initiatives to children. On top of this, the organisation aims to build young Syrians’ awareness of their rights, and provide them with confidence to feel empowered and to protect themselves.

Hurras was created by a group of Syrians in Darya (near Damascus) back in 2012, and has since benefited around 16,000 children. It also produces and distributes its Tayara Warak magazine and advocates international standards for children’s rights throughout Syria.







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  • Protect our Children

    We will give children arriving at camps protection kits to support them to be the children they were before bombs started falling around them. Please help us to support them now. #Rise4Idlib

    100% of £10,000


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  • Kites not shells

    Syria’s ‘lost generation’ of children is growing up knowing only war. Help us to reach and teach them by giving them the tools to cope with all they've seen, letting them feel the lost joy of play and allowing them to hope again.

    Campaign funded