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Government air strikes and ground operations have driven almost a million civilians from their homes since December - the biggest single displacement of Syria's nine-year war. Some 300,000 people have been displaced in February alone - the majority women and children. 

We are once again witnessing the targeting of health facilities and schools - a violation of international humanitarian law. Twenty-two schools have now been reportedly attacked since the start of 2020 – nearly half of them in one day. 

We can’t stop the bombs from falling. But there is much we can still do to help.

Our partners are saving lives on the ground in Idlib to provide the wounded and the displaced with the identified critical needs and they need our support.

Potential projects that funds will support: 
- Running a surgical hospital and mobile blood bank
- Operating mobile clinics
- Emergency food provision
- WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) provision. This ranges from providing hygiene kits to families to building water pump stations and toilets in camps
- Child protection services as well as the provision of identity bracelets to ensure children are not separated from their families
- Emergency shelter for newly displaced people
- Educating people in what to do during attacks, especially in schools
- Ongoing psychological support for victims of trauma

Find out more about our partners.


Our funding target

With over 950,000 civilians newly displaced people to support, we are working to provide aid to as many people as we possibly can. The situation on the ground is changing day to day and the need is enormous and ever-growing. We will use ours and our partners’ expertise to discern how to allocate funds where they are needed most and contributors will be informed where this money is being spent and why. Due to the urgency, CanDo has agreed to release funds directly to partners for the specific emergency on a weekly basis based on assessment of needs.

If there is a specific area in which you would like to support, or would like to make a larger contribution, please contact us. Our partners are desperate to find funding for projects of all sizes.

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How else can I help? 

There are many ways you can use your voice to make a difference:

 - Convince two other people to support the campaign and you’ll treble your impact.

 - Share our message and our campaign tagging journalists, media outlets and socially-conscious celebrities to help raise awareness of the atrocities happening and the need for the international community to respond.

 - Links for more information and sources:
UN News
Relief Web
The New Humanitarian
BC News




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