Reply to Layla@Hurras

Thu, 30/05/2019 - 14:11

Thank you with all our hearts for supporting the campaign of "The joy bags" that aims to help displaced children in Idlib.
As the campaign enters its final week, we still need your support to deliver the largest number of bags to draw a smile on the faces of children affected by this war.
Over the past week, the villages of the eastern countryside of Idlib witnessed a continuous bombardment on civilian houses.
Schools and hospitals have been directly hit by aircraft and explosive barrels, depriving children of their right to education and health. From May 20, 2019, until now, 11 hospitals were targeted in addition to 18 schools.
All these serious violations pose a long-term risks to children and have dangerous side-effects on their personalities and the building of their future and cause psychological trauma due to the scenes of death and the fears for the loss of homes, school and friends, in addition to depriving them of a stable education that help them to develop themselves in the future.
Many families and children are forced to leave their homes daily in search of safer areas. In these difficult circumstances, we must do our best to provide the children with the necessary support.
Thanks to your support over the last three weeks of "The Joy Bags” campaign, we are now starting the process of verifying the merchants and suppliers who will supply materials for the preparation of The Joy Bag to be distributed to children between the ages of 6-15.
We also wish that you share this campaign with friends and family on social media sites in order to achieve the desired goal.
Thank you again and we promise you that the smile will blossom on the faces of our children despite the war, destruction, and displacement.