Yes we have brand new campaigns to support

  • Saving Hope Hospital

    Hope Hospital for children will close if it can not acquire urgent funding. Let’s come together to keep hearts beating. #KeeptheLightofHope

    707% of £68,000


    Campaign funded

  • Midwives Save Lives

    Women in Syria are needlessly dying during childbirth due to a lack of qualified midwives. Please contribute to our campaign and help save the lives of more Syrian mothers and their babies. #MidwivesSaveLives

    100% of £59,963


    Campaign funded

  • Medics on the Move

    Our hospital in Idlib was just bombed to the ground. So we're bringing hospitals to the people instead. Support our campaign to provide mobile health centres for people in Idlib's camps. #Rise4Idlib

    100% of £30,000


    Campaign funded

  • A Lifeline For Survival

    Eastern Ghouta is in a state of emergency. Around 400,000 civilians are trapped, suffering starvation and intensive bombing, with schools and medical facilities being deliberately targeted. Aid can't yet reach these people – but our crucial psychosocial support can. We urgently need funding to continue to provide this vital lifeline.

    Campaign funded

  • Support Hope Hospital

    Born from international support, Hope Hospital provides free medical treatment to all those who need it. We urgently need your help to support our work so we can continue to save lives. #SaveHopeHospital

    101% of £100,000


    Campaign funded

  • Health Care Under Shelling

    We can’t stop the bombs falling in Syria. But we can stop more people dying from very treatable illnesses. Please support our campaign to bring crucial medicine and drugs to 3 medical clinics in besieged Idlib. #HealthcareUnderShelling

    100% of £12,405


    Campaign funded

  • Save a Kidney, Save a Life

    In times of war, chronic health conditions are often neglected. Like unseen bullets they needlessly take lives. We have an ambitious project to buy a dialysis machine that will give life for two years, You can help us stop preventable deaths by giving people with kidney failure the care they need to live with dignity and show them they are #NotForgotten

    100% of £12,000


    Campaign funded

  • Community Health Heroes

    Disability, age and fear of being bombed shouldn’t stop you from accessing healthcare. Our health staff believe this passionately - which is why they’re risking their lives to help the most vulnerable. #Rise4Idlib #CommunityHealthHeroes

    100% of £12,265


    Campaign funded