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CanDo provides all of us global humanitarians with an opportunity to save lives and reduce suffering in war-affected areas by contributing directly to local humanitarians’ health projects. Support a project you care passionately about, become a proud advocate for locally-led action and keep up to date with everything CanDo.

What can you do right now?

Support a crowdfunding campaign

Every contribution matters.
Our vetted local partners need resources to provide critical healthcare in their war-devastated areas.

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Our work depends on word of mouth.
Share our work with your social networks – after-all, everyone’s a humanitarian!
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Volunteer your skills

Our operating costs are low in part thanks to the benevolence of volunteers. We’re always seeking organisers, creators, fundraisers and communicators to join the team.

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Empower your employees to join our global community of humanitarians through a fund-matching scheme.
If you’d like one of our team members to visit your office and speak to your employees about CanDo's inspiring work.

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If you're still looking for more detail on CanDo, how we operate and how we are transforming humanitarian action..

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How it works

Support a campaign

By supporting a campaign you:

Directly support a community

our money gets straight to the heart of the problem. By supporting local humanitarians, war-devastated areas are receiving access to essential to life-saving healthcare services.

See your personal impact

Select the crowdfunding campaign you’d like to support, and we’ll show you exactly how many lives your individual and collective contributions have had an impact on

Trust where your money is going

We rigorously assess each local humanitarian partner. This ensures your money reaches and impacts those in need - and is not lost in the layered international aid system.

Become part of a global humanitarian community

Being a CanDoer means building a movement of like-minded people - people like us who believe that collective action can save lives and reduce suffering.